Skillset and Availability

I specialize in Angular and Javascript (es6). I have experience working with Node.js, Firebase, Mongo, PostgreSQL and several api’s (producthunt, mysportsfeeds, propublica).

I am currently looking for a front-end web developer role working on javascript based projects. Full-time, part-time, remote ok. Please contact me at

I have my most recent web apps listed here in my portfolio! 


What have I been doing?

• September 19, 2016 – Our son was born
• I became an at home dad (learning something new every day ☺)
• I study angular and javascript (es6) at,, codecraft, and sitepoint.
• Nov 16, 2016 – deployed this app
• Feb 28, 2017 – deployed this app
• March 28, 2017 – deployed this app
• May 2, 2017 – deployed this app
• June 5, 2017 – deployed this angular.js skills test
• June 11, 2017 – deployed this angular.js skills test
• June 27, 2017 – I forked and contributed to idiomatic.js
• Aug 4, 2017 – I worked for a sports data api service as a front-end developer.
• Aug 17, 2017 – deployed this app
• Oct 8, 2017 – I published a 6 part blog about Angular4 and the angular http Module
• Oct 16, 2017 – deployed this app
• I have helped several developers with a simpler example of their data-table component
• I contribute to MySportsFeeds sports data api and have made edits to their data that have been excepted by their founder/CEO on several occasions.

Learning The Latest Technology

I started out as a self-taught web developer taking a CS course (CS50 at After consuming core concepts of C and how to compile it with the terminal I wanted to learn how to make visual web applications.  With the help of Udemy instructors on-line I started to learn the magic of javascript. I learned how to program with php and I learned how to use bootstrap (css library) to expedite responsive design. Once I had an understanding of how to make dynamic web pages I matriculated to General Assembly’s Full Stack Immersive Program. I was taught how to build apps quickly with ruby on rails and angular.js. I graduated in February 2015. Since then I have gone on to work for four successful start-ups as a Front-End Developer. The companies I have developed for in order of 2015 to 2016 are Pinwheels,, The HQ, and TrivNow.

I practice what I am good at and I work tirelessly to learn the latest technology to help me become a reliable contributor to your next project. You may inspect my code on GitHub.



“Love people and use things; the opposite never works.”



“When are people going to learn that individuals with something to prove often build way better open source software than massive corporations?”