Ian Poston | Web Developer
ian poston

Ian Poston | Web Developer

I am a front end developer and I specialize in angular.js framework. I have been involved in building 10 different projects (both personal and for production) that are based on angular.js framework. I am fluent in javascript and I implement Asynchronous Programming with javascript to keep up with the evolving state of web application development.

I am skilled in using chrome's dev tools to debug an application while in the development process. Chrome dev tools never leave home without them.

I am not illiterate to understanding back-end programming. I first fiddled with programming in php before receiving full-stack training using ruby on rails. Most recently I have worked on many RESTful api's and have built my own using node.js (server side javascript). I am familiar with 'use strict', IFFE's, the scope chain, and closure's in javascript.

I am a builder through and through. If there’s excitement in creating useful applications I am eager to be apart of it.

Resume | February 14, 2017

I am a front end developer with a preference toward building apps with angular.js framework and javascript. I obsess over best practices in relation to building web applications.

General Assembly WDI Alumni 2015


  • My Lessons - Angular - Angular-Material
  • Recipes - Ruby on Rails - PostgreSQL
  • Jeffrey Santos - Wordpress - JS
  • AgePath - AngularUI - Mean Stack
  • Senators and Votes - Angular.js - Javascript
  • Orbitera - Wordpress - Javascript
  • Start Engine - MongoDB - RoR
  • Pinterest Clone - RoR - AWS S3
  • Work Experience

    Front End Developer TrivNow

    June - September 2016
    • I converted an ionic mobile app to a web application with angular.js and angular-material.
    • I created a feature which uploaded large amounts of data by parsing an excel file.
    • I had to re-write functions that were previously handled by cordova plugins.
    • * reference contact info upon request

    Front End Developer The HQ - Mar Vista, CA

    • I built the front end app structure of a buyer/seller baseball ticket platform with Angular.js.
    • I worked with the back-end developer to connect features to services.
    • Parsed a variety of data with javascript.
    • * reference contact info upon request

    Angular.js, Node.js, RoR Developer at Colab - Hollywood, CA

    • Worked with Ruby on Rails team to create a crowdfunding web app Start Engine.
    • Created an interactive contact form with Node and Angular for PopQuiz.com
    • Developed the consumer splash page for the original AgePath.com
    • * reference contact info upon request

    Web Developer (intern) at Pinwheels - San Francisco, CA

    • Created and pushed to repository on bitbucket.
    • Built prototype front-end feature with google maps api and javascript.
    • Maintained Positive Rapport with Pinwheels Founder Chad Nam.
    • Designed map with data layers and Geojson. See Map
    • * reference contact info upon request

    Sole Proprietor | Custom Framing

    • Crafted over 10,000 Handmade Frames / Archival Framing Expert.
    • Craftsmanship Side Business Catering to Art Community.
    • Obtain business through Sales, Marketing, Social Media & Networking.


    General Assembly | Santa Monica, California


    Twelve week accelerated course with a major focus on backend programming specifically Ruby on Rails. I built many projects deployed to heroku and pushed to github. I practiced test driven development and worked on projects with a team. While building other apps I learned to dissect the problem with pseudo code, wireframes, and user stories on pivotal tracker.

    Kittatinny Regional High School | New Jersey - NY


    Main fields of study were creative writing, computer lab, and, graphic arts.


    Front End

  • HTML5/CSS3 - 3 years experience
  • Javascript - 3 years experience
  • Bootstrap - 3 years experience
  • Angular.js - 2 years experience
  • Angular-Material - 1 year experience
  • jQuery - 3 years experience
  • Wordpress - 2 years experience
  • Back End

  • Node.js - 1 year experience
  • Ruby on Rails - 2 years experience
  • PHP - 2 years experience
  • APIs - 2 years experience
  • PostgreSQL - 2 years experience
  • MongoDB - 2 years experience
  • AWS - S3 - 1 year experience
  • References

    Joe Hanauer -- Accounts Manager at Colab.la
    I'd recommend Ian as a Front-End Developer to anyone considering hiring. Ian owns all of the technical skills required to exceed in his job, but what I admired most from Ian during his time at Colab (and what separated him from the rest) was his ability to communicate with other team members, and specifically myself. Ian always gave clear expectations and delivered on his requirements without fail, and always goes the extra mile to ensure so. Whomever's considering hiring Ian should do so quickly-- his willingness to adapt, grow, and build great products is a breath of fresh air in an industry where it can be incredibly challenging to find people as committed as Ian is.

    Amanda McGlothlin -- Cofounder, Chief Design Officer at the HQ
    Ian is a great Front End Web Developer, and I really enjoyed having him on the team. Working together on a big project with a tight deadline, he was always willing to step up to the challenge and jump in wherever he could provide the most value. He always has a great attitude and sense of humor. Definitely hope to work with him again

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